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George B. Johnson

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George B. Johnson

George B. Johnson is a sharp entrepreneur focusing on the world of Digital Marketing and Engineering. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience running his successful digital marketing agency, George Digital. Established in 2013, George Digital specializes in providing SEO (search engine optimization) solutions to help companies improve their visibility in search engine results.

Even early on in his career, Johnson demonstrated keen business instincts and an ability to identify market opportunities. He began his career developing innovative marketing strategies for friends and family. Over the years, he has leveraged his technology background to excel in the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape.

As the Founder and CEO of George Digital, Johnson has spent the past 10+ years strategically guiding companies’ SEO campaigns to drive growth. Under his leadership, George Digital has become a sought-after SEO agency for top brands and high-traffic local sites.

Johnson’s visionary approach to digital marketing, entrepreneurial talents for building successful teams, and passion for staying on the cutting edge of SEO best practices have established him as a pioneering force in the industry. He has even gained the title of COO in various endeavors. He has emerged as one of today’s top thought leaders on analytics-driven, integrated SEO techniques to deliver outstanding returns on investment.

With over a decade’s worth of proven success and an array of satisfied clients, George B. Johnson continues making an indelible impact through George Digital a digital marketing agency built on driving results through strategic SEO leadership.